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Waybridge Realty is always interested in talking with agents who wish to learn more about our firm. We are not a conventional Real Estate Brokerage. We are not for everyone, Are we for you? Contact Kerry Wilson, President or Peggy Wilson, Broker of Record at (613) 823-1111 for more information.

We are not for everyone, are we for you?

Are your Brokerage Fees too high?

When we started Waybridge Realty we realized that the single most expensive component of the business was the Bricks & Mortar. The minute you add the store front you pay rent, need a reception, furniture, telephones and copiers, just to name a few. This in turn means that the Brokerage must charge a much higher rate to their REALTORS® to cover those costs.

At the same time, there are still not enough offices for all the agents, and a common bull pen is then employed. Many of the agents have a home office and work primarily from their home office. Waybridge Realty was designed for those agents who work from their home office.

By providing you with a virtual office and cover all your Brokerage requirements that you are used too, we can substantially reduce your Brokerage cost, which are the single highest cost you are burdened with. Many franchised brokerages charge you anywhere from 25% to 40% of your gross income. An agent earning $ 80,000 per year can pay from $ 20,000 to $ 32,000 per year. The same $ 80,000 per year agent with Waybridge will only pay a transaction fee of $ 500 + HST for commissions under $ 5,000 and $ 1,000 + HST for commissions over $ 5,000. That’s is a clear savings. 

Are you feeling lost in the Crowd?

One of the issues that we found before we started Waybridge Realty was that when we drove down the street we saw a sea of signs that were exactly the same. Many of our clients don’t understand that we do not work for other Brokerages, but that we are independent contractors? All the advertising you do promotes your brokerage and not necessarily you. You are competing with agents in your own company more often.

Our format at Waybridge Realty allows you to be much more individual, with the freedom to design your own signs, your website, and your marketing materials to stand out from the crowd. 

We have learned over the last 16 years in business that the colours of the sign on the lawn only matters to the REALTORS®, so why not make yours stand out and get noticed.

Do you already work from Home?

Most of us already have a home office. We found it hard at night when we had a corporate office and all our files were not where we were. So we had to have two sets of files or carry our files with us.

So if you are like us you already have a computer, a printer, internet connection, with wifi, and all the other things you need to run your business from your home. And with a home office you can also claim the percentage you use as an expense on your tax return.

Having a home office already, you are set up to take control of your business. 

What do I get from Waybridge when I move?

• When you move to Waybridge we provide you with:
• Waybridge pays your transfer fee
• We provide a email address or use your own
• 1000 business cards based on our design or yours
• Same day pay outs. No more waiting weeks for cheques
• Direct line access assures yours leads, sign calls and referrals go directly to you
• Broker owners who are active and accessible
• 3 Brokers with over 50 years’ experience in residential and commercial real estate.
• Discretion to design your unique signage
• Independence

What Don’t I get From Waybridge when I move?

• No Monthly fees
• No Desk fees
• No Commission split
• No coffee fund, copier fees or paying to park
• No office politics or favouritism
• No mandatory attendance at weekly/monthly sales meetings
• No mere postings
• No “Value added” services that you pay for and never use
• No inaccessible Management
• No high brokerage fees

This opportunity is designed for independent agents that want to operate a home office and is being offered to a select group of individuals that we feel are like-minded. We would be honored to have you work with us. 

Please call Peggy Wilson, Broker of Record at (613) 222-0108, or Kerry Wilson, President at (613) 292-1371, and let’s have a coffee.”