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Traditionally this space on a web page is devoted to how many awards have been received, what is the background before Real Estate, and business philosophies. My story is more about the Why than the Who.

I would like to tell you a little bit about why I started this company.  After almost 50 combined years in the real estate industry, winning awards for sales, Management responsibilities, and committees, my partner and I took a good look at the industry and decided it was time to change how we did business.

The revelation I had, is that I do not need to belong to a national or multinational real estate firm to properly service my clients. I need to be accessible to them, to be conscience of their needs and provide them with access to the best marketing system for home sales, the MLS System. I learned, over the many years in this industry, the importance of relationships. That is what building a real estate company is all about.

I provide you with all the essential services to sell your home for the price you want, at a cost you wouldn’t expect. In this way, I have started a relationship with you that I hope will continue throughout the years. Your referral to your friends and family are the greatest compliment to me.

I take pride in my participation in the fight against breast cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Kidney Foundation & Trillium Foundation for Organ Donation. These and many other worthy causes need all our help. The people helped by these groups are everywhere; there is no restriction as to who may be affected and who may need support from them. Those suffering from disease, be it terminal or chronic, need our compassion and care. They do not always need a hand out; sometimes they need a hand up and I am proud to serve in whatever way I can.

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